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Tea Spoon

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Teatime Heaven silver-plated teaspoon

The perfect accessory for your cup of tea - the teaspoon.

The teaspoon is an essential tool for enjoying a delicious cup of tea. Whether you’re traditional and use loose leaf tea or prefer to drink tea bags, a teaspoon allows you to precisely measure your drink. The teaspoon is also helpful for stirring, in order to make sure that all of the ingredients are blended.

If you’re a fan of loose leaf tea, then you’ll want a teaspoon that elegantly expresses your love of tea. We highly recommend our silver-plated teaspoon. It comes with an adorable teapot sculpted into the handle, making it a beautiful addition to any tea set. The spoon is also easy to hold and provides just the right amount of precision while measuring out your tea.

Our teaspoon is made from brass with silver alloy, so it won’t react with any of the ingredients in your tea while you’re serving it. It’s also easy to clean when you’re done using it, so you can get back to enjoying your cup of tea in no time. 

So, if you’re looking for an elegant way to measure and stir your favorite cup of tea, then look no further than the Teatime Heaven silver-plated teaspoon with its lovely teapot handle. Enjoy