About us

ArtTeas is redefining the tea-drinking experience by introducing the magic of aesthetics to this joyful activity via an infusion of breathtaking artwork. Whether enjoyed alone or with a loved one, this delightful beverage has a way of creating a tranquil self-care vibe.  Now, it can tickle your sense of sight, too!

Renowned tea expert Aarti Khanna’s love affair with tea has been generations in the making.  Born amongst Assam’s famous tea plantations, her father Late Arun Indranand Khanna was a tea planter who earned a reputation for his advanced knowledge in the plant’s agricultural and manufacturing practices.  It was only natural for her to follow in his footsteps in the industry as an in-demand tasting, sourcing, and distribution professional.

When global lockdowns provided many people with time to reconnect with themselves, some discovered an opportunity to embrace passions that had been lost in the chaos of life.  Aarti was no exception.  That’s how she revived her long-forgotten zest for the watercolor medium.  As stunning botanical-themed works of art flowed freely from her creativity, a larger vision began to take form.

ArtTeas flawlessly blends Aarti’s impressive knowledge of everything tea with her sensational artistic talents and innate proclivity for marketing. It all started with a single product: Spring Delight – Darjeeling First Flush Blend.  However, she has since lovingly produced an entire collection around the world’s best teas and her vibrant watercolors of beautiful flowers and the best parts of the plant kingdom.

Every serving of these next-level teas is adorned with one of her aesthetic treasures.  In fact, she, herself, created all of the labels, packaging, and product photography for her blossoming brand.  She even designed this website!  The gifted visionary looks forward to sharing this unique experience with you as she continues to carefully procure the highest quality teas for which Assam, Darjeeling, and Nilgiri are known and marry them with her gorgeous paintings.





“Registered Certified Mark of the Tea Board of India under user licence No. DJ/698/19072021/E"


We are registered with Tea Board of India, under the Ministry of Commerce, Government of India as exporters and buyers, and the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Directorate General of Foreign Trade for carrying out tea exports.