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Indian Tea Trail - Tea Gift Box

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"Explore the Wonders of India's Tea Heritage with Our Gift Boxes! In this collection enjoy the finest pure black & green teas from 3 distinct terroirs.


At Indian Tea Trail, we've merged art and tea to create a truly unique experience. Our gift boxes and packet labels showcase the exquisite watercolor paintings of our botanical flowers, making each package a work of art. Inside these beautifully designed gift boxes, you'll find a carefully selected range of premium Indian teas, including:


  1. Spring Delight Gold - Delight in the elegance of Darjeeling's First Flush, a tea that gleams like gold.
  2. Forget Me Not - Discover the enchanting flavors of Darjeeling's Second Flush, a tea that leaves an unforgettable impression.
  3. Assam Gold - Immerse yourself in the richness of Assam's Second Flush orthodox tea, a brew that truly shines.
  4. Green Mist - Experience the refreshing allure of Nilgiris Green Tea, a misty delight from the Nilgiri hills.

Net Weight 200 grams , Pure Loose leaf

Each Gift Box is packed with Tissue Paper, a beautiful floral watercolor card and a floral carry bag